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Nightmare melon by KiraNightViolet
Nightmare melon
Ok I made this completely by accident! I was suppose to doodle what Melon Breeze was suppose to dress up for Nightmare Night buuuut I accidently turned him into a Nightmare version of himself. He doesnt do much harm though, just aggressively makes fruit pops and forces ponies to eat them lolz :iconimhappyplz:
Adopted from ImBorednStuff
Melon Crisp Breeze by KiraNightViolet
Melon Crisp Breeze
I drew a quick bust of my new OC that I adopted, Melon Crisp Breeze (or Mel for short).
He lives on a tropical beach where most ponies go on vacation. He sales fruit popsicles that he made himself, so he always smells like fruit. I'm still working on a cutie mark for him though :I
Adopted from ImBorednStuff…
Name: Omix Sark

Age: 24

Lives in: top floor of an old apartment building. Uses the atoms in the air to create electric charge and moves items around the room to make it appear haunted. Nobody goes up there and if they do, he scares them away by using that method

Personality: Withdrawn and a somewhat know it all. He thinks he's better then any Virus Dragons he comes across

Likes: Proving people/virus dragons wrong, finding a virus dragon on the internet, lizards, hacking into people's account on different websites, batteries (they're his favorite snack), the dark

Dislikes: his glasses being pointed out, those damn adventurers that come to his apartment room because they know it's haunted, the old apartment losing it's power, lightning storms

Love interest y/n: not really

Color scheme: grey body, yellow markings

Background story: Last this Omix remembered was waking up in an old lab that look like it had been bombed and destroyed. He found some books in the lab and finding how well he could read, he came across some burnt blue prints for futurist lizards from the past that would be able to take over the government's computer system. Reading more revealed some of what he was but not everything, not even how to hack such a system. Exploring the lab more, he found cylinder experiment containers and saw that he was not the only 'Virus Dragon' so he set out to find more

Sex: Male

Markings: starting from his left cheek and down, over his neck, all the way to his chest. Starting from the back of his neck to the base of his tail. Starting at his knees then ends at his hips.
Virus Dragon Info Sheet
Yes! Info sheet is done!
His picture is right here…
Virus Dragon info sheet provided by UnderworldKnightSkye who is also the creator of the species
Being held by :iconshadowinkwarrior:!! So much excitement in the air!!! Here is the link to the journal which has the details of the contest and holy cow!! do you see those fraggin' prizes!!!???…
Totes join in if you can!


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